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About Our Tutorials

Our online tutorials are categorized by subject to help you find what you need.

Note: All of our online tutorials open in a new window.

PDF Guides

PDF Guides contain screen shots and detailed step-by-step information about a process. Note: To view documents in Adobe PDF format, download PDF viewer.


All our YouTube videos are quick demonstrations where you can watch all the steps to complete a process.

Browser Compatibility

Minimum Client Requirements for iSupport Desktop:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Mozilla Firefox 19
  • Google Chrome 25
  • Apple Safari 6.0.2

Guides & Videos

Title PDF
iSupport Incident Management iSupport Incident Management (pdf guide)  
iSupport Change Ticket Entry for Representatives   iSupport Change Ticket Entry for Representatives (video)
iSupport Incident Ticket Entry for Representatives   iSupport Incident Ticket Entry for Representatives (video)
How to Log a Trouble Ticket as a Customer   How to Log a Trouble Ticket as a Customer (video)
iSupport Change Templates   iSupport Change Templates (video)
iSupport Correspondence   iSupport Correspondence (video)
iSupport Work History   iSupport Work History (video)
iSupport Quick Access   iSupport Quick Access (video)
Reassigning an iSupport Ticket   Reassigning an iSupport Ticket (video)


  • The latest version of iSupport is incompatible with current versions of Chrome and Safari. Firefox is the recommended browser. 
  • If using Internet Explorer, sign in using your email address for the ID. Internet Explorer 8 and lower is not supported. If using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Compatibility Mode must be disabled.
  • Applications that prevent pop-up windows from being displayed may prevent some iSupport application windows from opening. If you have a pop-up blocker installed, be sure to place on the Trusted Sites list.
  • You cannot have the browser set to Never Check for Newer Versions of Stored Pages (Internet Options > General tab > Temporary Internet Files Settings) while creating incidents. This setting will create incidents with duplicate information such as the incident number.


  • Any current version HTML-compatible browser.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 is not supported.