Website Builder

January 12, 2015

Website Builder has been shut down. Website contents have been migrated to OU Campus. A welcome email has been sent to Website Builder users with new login information. The schedule for initial training and open labs is available on the Center for Faculty Development's Events page. Contact Web Services at if you need further assistance.

How can I log in?

    1. Visit your website (example: )
    2. Click on "Last Modified" at the bottom right of the page
    3. Select "San Jose State University" from the drop-down menu
    4. Log in with your SJSUOne account

Need help? Visit OU Campus login.

Where can I find more information about training?

Initial training workshops are scheduled for January 13 - February 5. As part of this first wave of training we will be working closely with the Center for Faculty Development on identifying training needs and schedules going forward.

Training workshops will cover the basics of using OU Campus to update and publish web content. For faculty who want additional time to work on their profiles or get assistance from Web Services, 12 Open Labs are initially available. They function similar to drop-in faculty office hours. The schedule for training and open labs is available on the Center for Faculty Development's Events page.

Is there an online tutorial?

Yes. OU Campus Faculty Website Tutorial [PDF]

If I already know how to use OU Campus, do I still need to attend training?

The training is optional. There are just a couple of features that are different from college or department sites. 

Why is my course not listed?

Website Builder had the ability to hide some parts of a course. OU Campus can only hide an entire course. In order to prevent unwanted content from being made public, we decided to make courses inactive if any of their parts were inactive. You can make a course active by un-checking the "hide" button and publishing the course page. For more information visit Hiding and Un-hiding pages.

Is there a FAQ?

Yes. Visit Faculty Websites (FAQ)